image WHAT WE DO

We work to support the coir industry


Value Addition

Unlock the full potential of coir with our value addition initiatives. We enhance coir products to meet global standards, adding value and quality to every strand of coir fiber. Discover how TANCOIR is transforming coir into a valuable resource.


Quality Assurance

At TANCOIR, quality is our commitment. Our rigorous quality control initiatives ensure that each coir product from the state adheres to the highest industry standards.


Market Access

We connect coir manufacturers and products to broader markets, locally and internationally. Our extensive network and industry insights enable us to open doors to new opportunities. Join us to access a world of possibilities for your coir business.


Inclusive Development

Our journey is built on inclusivity and empowerment. We believe in the holistic development of the coir industry and the communities it touches. Discover how TANCOIR's initiatives are contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable coir sector for all.